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Show Info:

All Shook Up! Playing at Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Oct. 27-Nov. 5 EXTENDED to El Portal in NoHo! Auditions in January 15-17. Show April 13-22.



Up Next:

Save the date for our next Master Class! Jan. 20-21 : Audition Success.  More details and enrollment info. coming soon!

Broadway Master Classes and Workshops:

Nov. 11: 11a-1p: Direct from Broadway's Groundhog Day, Camden Gonzales joined us to bring the moment of that show to SCPA! 

June 19-23: Dance Intensive led by Cassie Silva, Nick Womack, and Missy Marion! 5 master classes in 5 days!

June 4: 1-3pm:  Audition Workshop with Anthony Ramos (Original Broadway Cast: Hamilton) and Nicolas Womack (Original Broadway Cast: Bring it On)!!! Mock audition for Hamilton, personal feedback, Q & A!!! 


April 8:  10am-12p We had a great Master Class: "Musical Theatre" with Vincent Rodriguez III (CW's Crazy Ex Girlfriend/White Christmas Original Cast/Hunchback Original Cast)

Nov. 29-Dec. 17, 2016: "Hamilton: A Blackbox Review" with Nicolas Womack (Original Broadway Cast: Bring it On)