Conditioning & Progressions


Conditioning & Progressions


Mondays 6-7p

Instructor: Cassie Silva

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photo credit: Fit For Broadway

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*By popular demand and request

Whether you’re a mover, a shaker or a matchmaker, feel confident to hold your own at a movers call, a summer program or a college audition. Pocket the tricks of the trade to set yourself apart and smash that next final callback. Work on basic progressions (not perfections) for classic theater moves. Body alignment, cardio, core conditioning, stretch and strengthening will have you whipped into shape for 8 shows a week in no time.

*This is a semi-choreographed class for consistency and maximizing time -

Through repetition, students will gain insight into their bodies abilities and personal progress.

Warm-up Choreography can also double as a standard take away tool for use upstage, downstage, backstage, on tour, Broadway and beyond.

Dress code: Form Fitting Clothes

Shoes: Jazz, Half Sole -- Heels, boots, flats or other show shoes may be worked in as well.